Ask Jim

Pangaea Gases, LLC customers can take advantage of the extensive knowledge, experience and expertise that is resident at Pangaea Gases, LLC.

Jim MacNeal Managing Partner of Pangaea Gases, LLC has worked for 30+ years each in the Industrial, Specialty and Medical gas industry for a variety of companies and in many varied management roles. Jim is creative as well as knowledgeable and several patents to his credit. If a solution to your problem does not currently exist, he may be able to create an innovative way to deal with the issue at hand.

Pangaea consults, in certain cases at no charge, to our customers in the following areas:

HAZMAT Emergency Response

Product and equipment design and performance
Gas and regulator design and specifications

Regulatory Compliance
DOT, EPA, OSHA, FDA, Homeland Security


Next time you are wrestling with a thorny gas-or equipment-related technical or safety problem, or a regulatory question, just pick up the phone or email, and “Ask Jim.” He will be happy to help.
James R. MacNeal
Managing Partner
Pangaea Gases, LLC