About Us

Pangaea Gases, LLC was formed  with the objective of establishing a Specialty Gases Company whose focus was on serving the needs of customers better than any other supplier.

      This objective of unqualified excellence was ingrained in our Personnel and was honed in excellent performances in the Specialty Gases industry spanning nearly forty years.

      Pangaea’s Personnel have attained industry-wide recognition as experts in our endeavors, such that our expertise and experience uniquely positions Pangaea Gases as a remarkable reservoir of knowledge and capability.

      We have achieved personal excellence in Compressed Gas regulatory matters including EPA, OSHA, DOT and FDA compliance. As well, we excel in safety, technical, gas manufacturing and laboratory operations, quality management, applications engineering, HAZMAT Emergency Response, systems engineering, welding Distributor consultation, procurement, distribution, sales and marketing, and customer service. We have been recognized professionally by numerous associations and organizations, including CGA and several Specialty Gases Companies, and have established high levels of proficiency such that we are also well-recognized as instructors in several of these important disciplines. Pangaea Gases’ Personnel have patented numerous innovative designs, products and processes and possess uniquely creative innovative drive in all areas.

      Pangaea Gases, LLC is committed to the highest possible achievable levels of professionalism, excellence and customer service. We are dedicated to being a one-stop source for knowledge and experience that may be unavailable from other sources. This attribute permits Pangaea to use our capabilities to provide the most comprehensive Specialty Gases supply and support available. At the end of the day, Pangaea’s capabilities yield savings for our customers, facilitated by having the right products, the best product knowledge and use expertise and our unique instructional orientation to pass knowledge on to our customers. We regard our Customers as our Partners right along with us. We are consultative in everything we do and we enjoy interacting and sharing with our customers.

      Pangaea is all about Specialty Gases and excellence in every facet of what we do. We are in fact “A World of Gases.”


Our Products and Services